the artistic possibilities
of designing with nature
578 Hitchcock Hill Rd., Windham, VT 05359 - 802-875-2194
Design and construct the man-made environment to be in harmony with the natural environment.

The short video above gives an overview of the foundation.

Well, Spring is here and at the foundation we are preparing for the fun and productive warm seasons to come!  We are currently on the hunt for enthusiastic individuals interested in work/study programs for both construction and landscape. Please email us at

This years exciting projects will include:

-The construction of a new workshop that will create space for explorations in wood, metal and other materials

-Carports to support PV solar panels

-Renovation of our maintenance shop with a focus on turning it into a painting/print studio with incredible natural lighting

-Shifts in the gardens to remove and replace invasive species, design fruit groves as well as introduce more educational aspects to an already beautiful display.


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Upcoming events

Created as a 501-C3 non-profit corporation, in 1995, the Foundation hopes to foster a heightened awareness of the impact of man-made design on the environment, and more importantly, the potential impact of the environment on man-made design.

The technology of the twentieth century, while attempting to understand and mold nature to man's needs and whims, has unwittingly opened the door to the destruction of critical elements of the planet's natural envorinment. The time has come to aproach these relationships with a critcal, honest eye and evaluate the changes that can bring us closer to symbiosis.

The cultural expression of man-made interventions to the planet from now on must be as conscious of the interlocking forces of nature, as they are presently conscious of style.

Building and landscape architecture must connect us to nature and, further, must help us to understand it: here is the history of the buildings and landscapes of the porperty to date.

For the recent book written by Robert Foote Shannon on the current condition of architecture, please use the following link:  An Architecture of Circumstance